ENERGY firm, RWE, has enlisted the help of experts at Wessex Archaeology, to excavate what is thought to be a medieval settlement at Batsworthy, North Devon, possibly dating back to the 11th and 12th centuries.

The excavation has been requested by Devon County Council ahead of RWE's construction of a new wind farm at Batsworthy, North Devon, after initial research identified earthworks that suggested previous occupation.

Infilled ditches so far found define an ancient track way and abandoned field system, and the remains of a building next to the track way which might once have been a dwelling or used to contain livestock, have been revealed.

The Council wants the site to be investigated and recorded before it is lost for the construction of wind turbines.

Wessex Archaeology is inviting the public to see the excavation, and has arranged a Batsworthy Cross Archaeology Day on Wednesday 23 July from 2pm to 6pm. The afternoon event is free, and all ages are welcome. Mini-digs will be available for children.

Gareth Chaffey of Wessex Archaeology says: "We'd like people with an interest in our hidden heritage to come and discover this unknown medieval settlement, and to experience a real archaeological dig site.

"They will have the chance to meet archaeologists and learn more about our work and to see some of the artefacts found so far."

The site is located off the A361 (close to Log Cabin diner), Knowstone, EX36 4RZ. Drive west on the A361 from Tiverton. Turn left at Moortown Cross, following signs to Rose Ash and Ash Mill. Follow the road around to the right and follow signs to the parking area.