THOUSANDS of holidaymakers from the South West are setting off for sun, sea and sand – but not without their home comforts.

Morrisons has found that almost half (43 per cent) of South Westerners won’t leave for sunny shores without packing their favourite snacks from home.

What’s more, out of those hungry comfort seekers, 15 per cent of South Westerners admit to spending over £21 on food and drink to take with them before going abroad. Yet despite their insistence to cram the bags full of home comforts, nearly one in ten of have had to remove food and drink after they’ve exceeded the baggage limit.

Of course not forgetting those essential non-food items that everyone needs - sun cream, swimwear…and slippers. Holidays are all about enjoying some extra comfort - 15 per cent of South Westerners squeeze their slippers in their case for some holiday luxury, whilst 13 per cent bring along their own toilet roll.

Almost one fifth of South Westerners (18% per cent) say they don’t’ get on with foreign food. 46 per cent love their home foods so much they can’t go away without them, with 13 per cent left yearning for Marmite and one in ten craving a comforting digestive biscuit.

Topping the list of home comfort items is an essential supply of British tea bags. Brits have long been synonymous with their tea drinking – and over half of South Westerners surveyed (52 per cent) believe tea never tastes the same abroad, with 45 per cent admitting to missing a good old English brew.

For others it’s not all about tea drinking and slipper wearing, a trip abroad leaves Brits longing for old Blighty. Nearly one in ten (9 per cent) admit to missing the British sense of humour, 31 per cent miss British TV and a further one in ten miss British sport.

Rob Marriott, South West Regional Managing Director for Morrisons said: “It can be tricky to beat our home comforts and a good cup of British tea tastes even better with the sand beneath your feet. We’ve created the ultimate shopping list to ensure our shoppers have the perfect holiday – including not only the everyday essentials but the things you just can’t leave behind…toilet roll, tea bags and Marmite.”