PEOPLE in Exeter looking to get in shape now have no excuses as the Reebok FitHub at Tony Pryce, Guildhall Shopping Centre, City Centre, Exeter launches free fitness classes for people of all fitness levels.

Taking place on Tuesday, August 5, 9:30am-10:15am, Beach Body Basics fitness classes will run weekly within the FitHub, providing a great location and chance to seek out fitness advice, empowering the local community to lead a healthier lifestyle – for free.

Run by qualified fitness instructors, the free fitness classes will run throughout the summer and include a variety of programs designed to sculpt the body while improving mental and physical wellbeing. Also offering Reebok’s fitness collection, the FitHub provides quality fitness apparel and footwear for both the experienced and novice fitness enthusiast.

Top Fitness Instructor and Reebok Brand Ambassador, Hannah Chaudhri said: “Reebok’s vision is to offer people a free and accessible route to fitness. The Reebok FitHubs offer people a chance to shop, train and get fit, all in one place.”

Chaudhri said the free classes are possible thanks to Reebok’s investment into local fitness instructors’ time and expertise, adding that: “Reebok wanted to give back to local communities and inspire people with a way of taking part in fitness. The important thing is that people have fun and enjoy doing them."

To sign-up for the free classes in Exeter, you can visit the Reebok FitHub at Tony Pryce, Guildhall Shopping Centre, City Centre, Exeter.

Rolling out FitHub stores across the UK, Reebok is aiming to empower people to live a fitness lifestyle that represents the core values of the brand. From training to yoga, dance and running, Reebok is creating a movement of people passionately living fitness in a fresh, challenging and rewarding way.