A COUPLE wrongly accused of not having a television licence have been threatened with legal action – weeks after being promised they wouldn’t be bothered again.

Brian Totman is at his wits’ end after previously being assured TV Licensing would leave him and his wife alone after incorrectly sending them payment demands.

But less than a month after the County Gazette and somersetcountygaz ette.co.uk/news reported how TV Licensing had vowed to stop pestering them, he received a letter warning he could be fined up to £1,000 plus prosecution costs.

And he is not overconfident that things will be resolved even after the organisation yet again apologised for its mistake.

“I’ll be pleased if they do actually fix it this time but I’m not holding my breath,” said Brian, of Trebles Holford, near Bishops Lydeard.

“It’s the fourth time I’ve been told it’s all been sorted so I’m a bit sceptical.”

Brian’s problems started after he officially changed the name of his home from Redlands to Redlands House to avoid confusion with neighbouring Redlands Barn, where his daughter lives.

Despite informing TV Licensing and being told their records had been amended, he received a number of letters warning of the consequences if he failed to buy a licence.

Following a number of further demands, Brian contacted the Gazette and TV Licensing told us they had resolved the issue and wouldn’t be sending him any more letters.

After we informed them this week of the latest glitch, a TV Licensing spokeswoman said: “We are very sorry Mr Totman continued to receive mailings after our initial investigation.

“This was due to an issue with a secondary database.

“We are addressing this as a priority and are in the process of contacting Mr Totman to offer him our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.”