A"HEARTBROKEN" dog owner's campaign to help find her seven year-old jack russell has won the support of vets and dog lovers alike on social media.

Martynka Urbanowska, 31, who lives at Chelston near Wellington, said her dog Buca went missing on Friday (August 8), and she has been searching day and night ever since.

Buca was being kept, along with Tynka's two other jack russels and a collie, in a secure goatshed in Bradford-on-Tone.

However on Friday she arrived to discover her dogs were no longer in the shed, but all present and correct ... apart from Buca.

As well as launching social media campaign, #ComeHomeBuca, Tynka and her partner Mathew, 30, have been out with metal detectors to hunt for the microchipped dog, and plastered posters over Wellington.

"We don't know what else to do," she says. "We've had her since she was born, she's imprinted on me.

"We've searched high and low, used a metal detector to possibly pick her up underground, dug out rabbit holes just for a piece of mind. She's not here. 

"I think she's been picked up and someone's held on to her over the weekend, perhaps thinking nothing's open.

"Please hand her in if you have her. She needs me and her family as much as I need her." 

Anyone who thinks they've seen Buca should click here