EAST Devon District Council is pleased to report that so far this year most dog owners are obeying the various dog control measures on beaches.

Everyone wants to enjoy the beach, particularly in warm summer weather, and it is quite possible for all users to get along together if everyone is considerate to others.

Details of the Dog Ban areas are shown on the large signs that are easy to see at the main entrances to the beaches, and also by checking the East Devon website. Regardless of any official restrictions, all dog owners must always behave responsibly with their dogs.

If the beach is busy, dogs should not be let off the lead to spoil people’s games, picnics and sandcastles! Wherever they are, people walking dogs must pick up after them and dispose of the waste in any dog bin or litter bin, or better still take it home.

Regrettably, one or two incidents have been reported to the Dog Warden that have caused distress and alarm to members of the public. These all involve attacks by loose single dogs or groups of dogs that are not under the control of their owners.

Biting Dog owners know whether their pet is prone to nipping or biting other dogs in certain circumstances.

These dogs should be kept on a lead with a haltie or muzzle. The owner can then be confident that even if the dog does get loose, or if other dogs or children come close, there will at least be no biting injuries caused.

The provisions of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 have been extended this year to cover dogs that have been allowed to get out of control, and the Council and Police will work together to take appropriate action in the more serious cases.

A particular group of dogs has been reported as causing alarm several times on Exmouth beach and also possibly on Woodbury Common. This group includes up to four boxers and a bull mastiff being walked by a young couple and an older lady.

The Dog Warden would very much like to speak to the owners of these dogs and would appreciate any details members of the public can provide regarding where these dogs might live and who owns them. She can be contacted through Environmental Health on 01395 517456, or by email environmentalhealth@eastdevon.gov.uk.