DARTMOUTH Caring held a special Lunch Club to remember those who took part in World War 1. The event took place on Wednesday August 6 at the Community Corner Café in the Old Market, Dartmouth and was a brilliant success.

The 6th August marked 100 years since the start of World War 1.

As some of the clients who attend Dartmouth Caring’s Lunch Club were involved in the war and many others had family who were involved the charity wanted to take the opportunity to remember everyone who made great sacrifices for the country.

It is so important to preserve the memory of the people involved in the fighting and this is something that is close to many of our hearts. Many of the local community will also have had family members that were all involved in the First World War.

Captain Duffy from the BRNC attended the event with 6 cadets from the college, which was hugely appreciated by everyone.

The charity’s clients had been encouraged to bring in old photos for all to see and the cadets were entertained by many stories of navy life from a long time ago.

Father Will, vicar of the Parish of Dartmouth and Dittisham, gave a few words and said grace while Alison Stocks, Manager and Coordinator of Dartmouth Caring welcomed everybody in.

Karen Blake, staff member of Dartmouth Caring and Lunch Club organiser, did a fantastic job the previous week transforming the Community Café with decorations for the various parties being held by local organisations as well as our own, and she also organised the song sheets and special raffle prizes.

The event was a wonderful celebration and remembrance with everyone enjoying a sing along to songs such as ‘A Bicycle Built for Two,’ and ‘We’ll Meet Again.’ The singing was led by Brain Riddle and Thelma Guiney, both clients who attend the Lunch Club, with the help of several Dartmouth Caring volunteers.

The Charity provided a wonderful three course meal of prawn cocktail, roast beef, strawberry cheesecake and a glass of bubbles for everyone. All Dartmouth Caring volunteers worked incredibly hard to make the event possible. Karen Blake said: "It is so important we remember that the clients who attend Lunch Club will have had parents who were part of the generation involved in World War One.

"We wanted to take the time to celebrate their memories with them. It really was an honour and a pleasure to do this with them.’ Dartmouth Caring holds two very popular Lunch Clubs every Wednesday and Thursday at the Community Corner Café in The Old Market.

"The Lunch Clubs are an enormous benefit to the community in many different ways. Clients that attend receive a hot and nutritious meal as well as a chance to socialise and build friendships. The weekly clubs also give Dartmouth Caring staff and volunteers an opportunity to help clients with any worries and help alert them to anyone who may need extra help.

If you would like any more information about the charity’s Lunch Clubs or any other services please contact the office on 01803 839354.