INSPIRED by the TED conference, where some of the world’s best thinkers and doers from Bill Gates to Sting give the talk of their lives, Exeter will play host to an inspiring event, challenging us to be informed by the past and explore how we can shape the world in the future.

Taking place on April 24 2015 at the Exeter Northcott Theatre, TEDxExeter 2015 has the theme “Taking the Long View”.

TEDxExeter is an independent event, organised locally, but dedicated to TED’s aims of spreading ideas worth sharing. Aiming to address some of the pressing questions our society is facing, the event will bring together people from around the world to share their ground breaking thinking.

Claire Kennedy, TEDxExeter organiser, explains: “The event aims to take the long view back into the past, to explore how it has shaped the world we now live in. We want to ask about what responsibilities we have now the past places on us in the way we live now and how we innovate.

“Much current political, economic and personal decision-making is rife with short-termism. So we will also take the long view into the future, and ask how it can reveal and help us to understand the challenges that face us now, and shape the way we live and the decisions we make?”

TEDxExeter brings together speakers and performers from all walks of life, who share a passion to make a difference. The TEDxExeter team has been organising an annual event since 2012. It is eagerly anticipated and is always a sell-out, being welcomed as something unlike any other local event.

Claire Kennedy adds: “This is an exciting time, as we explore the key questions we want to discuss and the amazing thinkers that we want to bring to Exeter in 2015. As TED’s reputation grows internationally, with some of the most popular TED Talks gaining millions of views, the interest in what we are doing at TEDxExeter is building too. 2015 looks set to be our best event yet.”

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