AN “easy going and likeable” young man from Taunton died an accidental death from drowning, a coroner has ruled.

Mike Perry, who lived in Bishop’s Hull and was 21 years old, worked at Mambo Bar in Taunton, and was well-known in the town.

The court heard how Mike had been out with friends on November 30 and had popped into Mambo in the early hours of December 1.

A statement from Rose Horner, a former colleague of Mike’s said: “I knew Mike for about four years – he was easy-going, a good work colleague and very likeable.

“When he was not working he liked to come in and tell us all how to do our jobs!

“He was in the snug with DJ Mark Voisey and I could hear them laughing ... the mood was jovial between them.”

Mike was then let out of the back door but returned to the bar at around 4.20am and Rose told him to go home.

She added: “Mike had drunk a lot of alcohol.

“His eyes were glazed over. He knew who I was but could not understand what I was saying to him.

“He was unsteady on his feet and it was one of the worst states I had seen Mike in and I had seen him in many states.

“I personally will miss him as a colleague and a friend.”

That was the last time Mike was seen alive.

His brother, Scott Breckenridge, told the court how he had received a text just after 6pm on December 1, saying that Mike hadn’t been seen since 4am that morning.

He went to look for him and walked down towards Goodland Gardens.

He saw a group of people near Hickleys with torches and asked them what they were doing and was told they were searching for Mike.

He continued into Goodland Gardens and in the water near the back of the museum he saw a flash of light from a pair of trainers.

“I could see the light shining off the Nikes and I knew my brother had a pair,” he said.

“I saw that there was a body.”

Scott pulled the body from the water and police and ambulance crews were called.

Mike’s friend, Ian Larcombe, who was also helping in the search, said: “It was around 9.30pm and I could hear someone shouting “oh my god, no, help, help, help”.

“I ran down and saw Scott with Mike’s body on the ground.”

Police and ambulance crews tried to resuscitate Mike but he was pronounced dead at 9.43pm.

West Somerset Coroner Michael Rose said it was not clear how Mike had fallen into the water.

Concluding, he said: “He died an accidental death caused from drowning.

“May I extend my deepest sympathies to his family and friends.”