A BEAUTICIAN who found a syringe in the middle of the path to one of Wellington’s three dragons at Lancer Court says she is “disgusted” by her discovery.

Amy Sipthorpe, 25, spotted the syringe at around 8.30am last Friday “just yards away from a rubbish bin” while on her way to work at The Beauty Room in Brooks Place.

Amy told the County Gazette: “I went into Mount Vets and asked them if they had any gloves, and they were able to get rid of it in their sharps bin. They said they would inform the local police.”

Amy added: “I just think it’s absolutely disgusting. It’s a family trail – anyone could have stepped on it.

“You know it goes on but people have ways and means to dispose of these things if they want to get involved with it.

“I’m 25 now and I’ve never seen anything like it in Wellington.”

Mount Vets said that while Amy’s request was far from a common one, a syringe and needle would obviously be disposed of if handed in to them.