AUTHOR, journalist and broadcaster Clive Aslet will be speaking a special event at Exeter University where he will detail the lives lost and the sacrifices made by Lydford residents during WW1 and the impact this had on a small rural community.

The lecture, at 7.45pm on Sunday 7th September, will focus on his recent book ‘War Memorial’ which investigates those featured on the Lydford memorial.

Taking place in the Alumni Auditorium with a seating capacity of 400, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is offering secondary schools and colleges in the area the chance of free seats for pupils, staff and parents. Robert Jordan, the event organiser explains: “Thanks to our sponsor, Francis Clark, we have a fantastic venue and it would be a missed opportunity not to fill it. In this Centenary year we think it important that the young people of today’s generation should have the chance to hear the story of the WW1 generation and Lydford’s sacrifice, from a writer who is an expert on both rural life in Britain and the First World War”.

Schools wishing to reserve tickets or wanting more details, should phone Robert Jordan on 01932 492650 or email: