NEW measures imposed to protect elderly Tiverton residents from anti-social behaviour shows that Mid Devon District Council will do “everything they can to prevent further issues arising,” according to one Mid Devon Councillor.

Three injunctions and an exclusion zone have been secured by Mid Devon District Council to protect residents living in and around the sheltered accommodation at Catherine Close, Tiverton - after armed police were called to a council property in Catherine Close on Saturday, July 19 this year, following reports of a man threatening people with a knife.

Councillor Ray Stanley, Cabinet Member for Housing, said they would be taking a “pro-active” approach to protect the community.

He said: “The Housing Service is committed to protecting communities through prompt and pro-active action.

“We work in partnership with other agencies such as the Police and use the full range of tools and powers available.

“We understand that anti-social behaviour can blight people's lives, destroy families and ruin communities.

“In this case, with the support of the community, we were able to take appropriate action which, we hope, will resolve the problems.

“I think that this case shows that we will deal firmly but fairly with perpetrators and do everything we can to prevent further issues arising.”

The man was arrested following the incident in July and has since been charged to Exeter Crown Court.

A statement from Mid Devon District Council said: “This incident led to the council investigating anti-social behaviour in the area and interviewing residents to find out what problems they were experiencing.

“After interviewing residents and obtaining further information from the Police, the Council applied to Exeter County Court for anti-social behaviour injunctions against a Council tenant in Catherine Close and two men connected with the tenant.”

One man was classed by the Police as posing such a serious threat to the council tenant and immediate neighbours, that an injunction has been imposed so that the man is not allowed to come within the proximity of Catherine Close.

Injunctions have also been imposed on the tenant and the other man so that they are forbidden from assaulting, threatening or molesting any person who resides in Catherine Close or Watery Lane, Tiverton - or causing a nuisance or annoyance to any person who resides in Catherin Close of Watery Lane, Tiverton.