A RACCOON-DOG or Tanuki has been rehomed at Tropiquaria after she had been found wandering the streets in another part of the country.

The Specialist Wildlife Services placed the Raccoon-Dog with the RSPCA who managed to home her at Tropiquaria.

Zoological director at Tropiquaria Chris Mosier, said: “Racoon-dogs are originally from places like Japan, but have been introduced into various parts of the world for their fur.

“There are now wild populations of them in a few northern European countries where they have escaped from fur farms.

“The ones that have now slipped into the UK pet trade are almost certainly from European fur farms.

“Although they can be friendly and cuddly when they are young, they may turn and bite suddenly when they are older, making them not very suitable as pets.”

Co-director Jane Bassett’s brother lives in Japan, and when told about the animal was able to tell Jane and Chris about the species in Japanese folk-lore.

There it is said to be able to shape shift, and there is an old saying that the fox has six disguises and the Tanuki, seven.

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