RICHARD Huish College student Phoebe Tootill has won a Young Writers competition with her Barbie Doll inspired mini monologue.

Her entry, '55th Birthday Blues', describes the feelings of a discarded Barbie Doll and features on the front cover of the South-West edition of Mini Monologues.

Phoebe, from Taunton, is now in the running for the national award.

The competition invites young writers to delve into the world of someone else and bring their thoughts and feelings to life in just 100 words.

Phoebe said: “I feel really pleased but mostly surprised that I even got published, never mind having my monologue on the front cover."

Four other Huish students monologues feature in the book - Hannah Govan, Ellen Littlejohns, Ellen Todd and Douglas Marshall.




55th Birthday Blues.

Plastic. That’s how they described me.

All those desperate size 12s spitting ugly words of ‘silicone syntheticism’ and ‘damaging role model’ at me.

They’re jealous of the perfect size zero, of all the curves and none of the wobbly bits, of a perfectly toned, tanned body, of all the fake eyelashes, nails and fur coats.

Every girl wanted to be me. So how did it come to this? Thrown out with the trash, dull plastic eyes obscured by household detritus, as the little girls grow up, and don’t want me, or my pretty pink dresses, in their toy box anymore.