THE crowds turned out once again to see carnival season kick off in Wellington.

Entrants came from all over Somerset to take part in the annual event on Saturday, September 26.

Included in the line-up were the Wellington Majorettes, Beech Grove Primary School and Miss Wellington Leona Jolly.

Leona was accompanied by her two princesses, Ellie Norris and Kaitlyn Road.

Dave Rylatt, Chair of the Wellington Carnival Committee, said: “I will leave it to the readers to decide if the event was a success or not, as I didn’t get to see much of the carnival.

“However, I did catch glimpses of some of our local entries, and was delighted again with the numbers and enthusiasm shown by Beech Grove Primary School.

“Wellington Majorettes were fantastic again, and thanks to Andy Palk the girls had a rejuvenated Monument float which looked impressive. The evening culminated with a formal presentation, and results announcement at the Skylark courtesy of Martin the landlord.

Harlequin Carnival Club were crowned with first prize for their float, Fogg's World War, which featured a bi-plane front that rotated three men upside down.

Dave Rylatt added: “At the presentation, the biggest cheer of the night was saved for an entry from our twin town Torres Vedras which won a recently introduced Best International Entry category.”

Wellington Carnival results from Saturday, September 26, 2015:

Class 1 Feature – 1 Harlequin, Fogg’s World Tour; 2 Eclipse, Madagascar European’s Most Wanted.

Class 2 Tableaux – 1 Gemini, Scott’s Terra Nova; 2 Unicorn, VE Day.

Class 3 Comic – 1 One Plus One, Medical Misfits; 2 Harbourside, Funny Farm; 3 Poppe Inne, Shout.

Class 5 Open – 1 Zem, Me Ol Bamboo; 2 Generations, Toy Soldiers.

Class 6 Single Walker Adult – 1 A&A, I Robot; 2 Roger Muspratt-Hamilton, Bauta Vogue; 2 Jack, Ride to Rio.

Class 7 Single Walker Under-18 – 1 Lily Cumming, Woodland Spirit; 2 Rio Walsh, Draco Lanista; 3 Lorna Stephenson, Circus of Colour.

Class 8 Walking Pairs – 1 Dave and Lisa Arney, Lost in Time; 2 Inferno, Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost; 3 Megan and Holly Edwards, Minions.

Class 9 Walking Groups – 1 Cousins, Flying Saucers; 2 Wellington Pantomime, Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Class 10 Walking Open – 1 Xtreme, Salute; 2 Dee Gees, Scarecrow Rebellion.

Class 11 Trade – 1 Heart FM, 2 Oake Manor.

Class 12 Local -1 RBL, Esmeralda.

Class 12 Local Walkers – 1 Nynehead Amataur Drama, Medley of Musicals; 2 James Gannicliff, Mickey and Friends.

Best costumed float – Harlequin, Fogg’s World Tour. Best make-up – Harlequin, Fogg’s World Tour. Best dressed driver – Eclipse, Madagascar Europe’s Most Wanted. Best Wellington entry – Wellington Pantomime, Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Best children’s entry – Joint 1st Lily Cumming, Woodland Spirit, and Rio Welsh, Draco Lanista.

Spirit of Carnival Vase – Gemini, Scott’s Terra Nova. Spirit of Carnival Cup – Dee Gees, Scarecrows Rebellion. Majorettes – 1 Karizma, 2 Devon Dynamite. Best School – 1 Beech Grove Primary; 2 St John’s Primary. Carnival Queen’s Choice – Blue Anchor Majorettes, Exeter. Best international entry – Magic Wings, Torres Vedreas, Portugal.