FOLLOWING your optimistic feature on an improved Brewhouse, the council’s shops scheme has collapsed; it does not provide access to the theatre so they can draft a Green Travel plan needed to win lottery funds. 

Instead we need a loop road in between the front of the Pool and Eden May to allow vehicles to drop off passengers near the theatre door and then start to convert some car spaces to coach spaces. 

The latter would bring in daytime customers for shops and food places, linking the town centre from Hatchers in the High Street to Calverts in Station Road. 

There is no coach provision in the new Firepool Scheme. 

Also the old pool building should stay. 

Talking to a fellow granddad watching his grandchild learning to swim last week, it is the interior tiles, signs and wrought ironwork which still holds those positive memories of our young people’s achievements. 


Some scaffold floors and ramps would make an instant accessible Antiques Centre; Gloucester Quays has a not-for-profit company running one, to attract customers to their shopping centre. 

If the coach park area were added on to the theatre grounds, this site value would be a great community contribution to help gaining needed lottery funds.