TROPIQUARIA is pleased to be holding its seventh 'Grandparents Weekend' this Saturday and Sunday.

Jane Bassett, one of the director’s said the idea came to them after discussions with our MP Ian Liddell- Grainger back in 2010.

Mr Liddell-Grainger had pointed out that there were a lot of grandparents living in the area, many of whom had families who now live outside the area.

Mrs Bassett said: "Often the families only visit once or twice a year and the grandparents would look for places to visit with grandchildren.

"What we have done is to develop a specific grandparents season ticket."

"Normally our season tickets are not transferable, but this ticket names the grandparents who cannot be swapped, but permits them to bring any grandchildren with them."

Mrs Bassett described Tropiquaria as an almost ideal venue for grandparents and grandchildren with its new nocturnal house, tropical hall, aquarium, café and grounds which are relatively flat.

The new gibbon, lemur and marmoset cages have become established and we are now breeding some fish that are extinct in the wild.

"The idea of this weekend is that the grandparents can visit Tropiquaria free of charge with or without grandchildren to see what we have to offer, and prepare a surprise for when the grandchildren do come," Mrs Bassett said.

For free admission the grandparents must bring the voucher from the County Gazette or West Somerset Free Press.

For further details call Tropiquaria on 01984 640688 during opening hours, currently 10.30am until 5pm or visit the website