SEE who has been found guilty of offences at Taunton Deane Magistrates Court.

James Hyam, 25, East Reach, Taunton, criminal damage, breach of sentence, community order, victim services cost £85, £35 CPS costs, £80 fine. (G).

Carl Gregory, 39, East Reach, Taunton, theft, breach of suspended sentence, 28 weeks in prison, £424 compensation. (G).

Lee Phippen, 29, Addison Grove, Taunton, assault, community order, restraining order, £400 compensation, £450 costs.

Barry Reed, 36, Queen Street, Taunton, theft, £100 compensation, £100 fine. (G).

Christopher Chapman, 25, Abbey Close, Taunton, speeding, £186 fine, £3 victim services, £85 costs, driving disqualification for six months. (G).

Caroline Headlam, 56, Eastborne Gate, Taunton, drink driving, 12 months suspended sentence, £115 victim services, £85 CPS costs, driving disqualification for 50 months. (G).

Briedi Jones, 23, Mulbery Close, Taunton, theft, community order, £69.46 compensation. (G).

Joe Marshall, 26, Laurel Close, Taunton, unpaid rail ticket, £440 fine, £4 compensation, £160 costs.