WAY back in 1992 this was a big attraction in town.

In the County Gazette edition of March 20, the paper reported about the bones of woolly rhinoceroses, mammoths, sabre tooth tigers and cave lions and bears were going to make their home in Taunton.

At the time these animals formed part of a museum display of prehistoric animal skeletons found in Somerset.

The report in the paper explained with the help of a £6,165 grant from the Area Museum Council, experts will piece together bones from animals that roamed the area up to 1.85 million years ago.

The skeletons would then have gone on show in the County Museum in the Castle where a gallery had been built around them.

The fragile bones, which were found on the Mendips in the last century, are the remains of giant animals from the Pleistocene or the Great Ice Age.

At the time, County Museums Officer David Dawson said: "This is one of the finest collections in the world. Many of these bones are specimens on which universally accepted classifications are based. Once finished, the skeletons will become a very big attraction.

The work on the display was expected to have lasted about three years and the finished products will take pride of place among the museum's five million objects.

Picture in the picture from 1992 was conservator Mark Davis.