SCIENCE and technology was top of the class for theses pupils from Taunton in 1992.

The pupils from Taunton Junior Girls' School and Tanton School Kindergarten created an unique eye catching shop window display in the Dragon Books Shop in The Crescent.

It was all part of a national campaign to promote the achievements of school children in technology and dispel the boffin image often associated with inventors.

Children as young as four took part in the school's 'invent a thing week'.

Among the inventions which were on display back in 1992, were a rainbow machine to make people happy, a dog or cat flap with brushes to clean the incoming animal, several rubbish eaters and a chocolate egg dispenser.

Speaking to the County Gazette in 1992, the organiser, Mary Allen, said she was surprised by the response and that the younger children particularly had come up with some most imaginative ideas.

At the time of the article in 1992, the school was looking forward to a visit by Bob Symes of BBC TVs Tomorrow's World