I AM not surprised that fly tipping is so common in the Taunton area (Tipping point, County Gazette, May 11)

I recently had some household waste to clear, this would have needed about five trips with the car so I asked a person with a van if he would carry the goods for me, he agreed to do the job free of charge as he had done some removal work for my family, as long as I provided a helper to load and unload. 

All well so far!

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It all started to go wrong when I tried to comply with the tipping regulations, because the van had sign writing on it I asked Somerset Waste Partnership what I should do to comply with the tipping regulations.

They were very helpful and told me to apply for a permit in my name and address then get the driver to show it and the tip people would understand that the van contained “private waste”. 

When they arrived at Priorswood Recycling Centre, the guys in the van were told that the only way they could unload was if they paid. The van came back still loaded. 

I rang the Priorswood tip manager and told him I had obtained a permit having been advised by the council. His words were, ‘it’s nothing to do with the council the van had sign writing on it so it is commercial waste’, or words to that effect. 

Why am I not surprised that people fly tip?