THERE is a hidden gem in a garden shed in the village of Langford Budville.

It has built a very strong relationship with its customers and cooks fresh food which is turns into dishes which burst with flavour and taste.

Somerset's secret is called Scarlett's Garden which has been open for four years and it is run by the husband and wife team of George and Aurora Aykroyd.

Somerset County Gazette:

The restaurant which is based at White Post Nursery is open seven days a week (10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday and on Sunday from 11am to 3pm) from April to October.

The menu which has five dishes and two puddings is for the couple 'an amalgamation of their experiences of travelling' is constantly evolving.

There is a staple of chicken, salmon and a vegetarian option always on the lunchtime menu but what recipe is used for these foods changes every week.

This dynamic couple used to run a restaurant in Wiveliscombe called Moorish with another chef for two years before they decided to move on and open this haven of food heaven in Langford Budville.

People come to this wooden shed for the fantastic food but they also come for the ambience and atmosphere which breeds a convivial community which customers cherish.

Somerset County Gazette:

People love it so much, children save up their pocket money to bring their grandparents fro a meal, they also save up their pennies to bring their friends even paying a £17.50 bill in 50 pence pieces and elderly pensioners have come for what turned out to be 'their last meal' before they died.

Both George and Aurora finding this very touching and for them it is emotional to talk about this as they know they are never going to see these customers again but Scarlett's Garden means so much to so many people and even hold wakes for those who have passed away.

They also hold weddings, seen love blossom at the restaurant and have had many girls called Scarlett been brought there for a date which Aurora said was 'very sweet'.

Somerset County Gazette:

Aurora who is half French, lived in Greece and has a Yorkshire mum creates intense flavours to food which she has eaten around the world as well as to what can be described as firm favourites.

Speaking about what cooking means to her, she said: "For me cooking calms me down. I think it is something which is very much part of me as it connects with me.

"It is something which is challenging and something which I am always striving for perfection.

"What perfection is can be subjective as it means something different to different people.

"Food is link to emotion and when you taste something which brings back memories it lights you up.

"I like to cook some of my own favourite food which I enjoy and remember.

"Taste and quality are important to me and even when the salad arrives which has been picked that morning at about 7.30am it makes me smile.

Somerset County Gazette:

"We have a Loganberry jam which is made by an 84-year-old woman and it is fantastic and we use it with our cream teas.

"What is boils down to is I want to create and recreate different flavours, making the food as good as I can.

"Even if I did not work I would still do something and that something would be cooking."

One of the differences with Scarlett's Garden is it uses a wood fired burner to do the cooking including pizzas and chicken.

The man behind this is George who said: "It cooks at a 400 degree heat and cooks with a bone dry heat which transforms the flavour and look of the dishes.

"You learn how to work with the heat and know where to move it around in the oven.

"It takes a lot of ability and knowledge to get it right.

"When people see me cooking like this, the greatest compliment I have is when they say I could do that."

Somerset County Gazette:

The type of food on offer at Scarlett's Garden has included stoneground white sourdough, griddled, griddles Polenta, wood-roast free-range spring chicken, lemon, oregano, garlic marinade and new potatoes, Runnington Asparagus; twice baked Gruyer Souffle with leaf salad; wood-roast Salmon fillet, Salsa Verde and seasonal salad and wood fired local purple sprouting, poached egg, Parmesan Dressing, Slow Roast Tomato, Toasted Hazelnuts.

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