A TAUNTON-based charity has been boosted by £100's worth of 5p coins.

The little silver coins were donated to the County Gazette-backed Somerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment (SURE) at the Beacon Centre cancer unit at Musgrove Park Hospital, which it helps equip.

Mrs Geen, of Bishop's Hull gave £14 in 5ps, while a further £86 was left at the Beacon Centre.

Other donations to SURE over the last week include £20 from R. A. Smith, of Puriton, from his collection pot, £500 from the Quantock Lodge 4446 branch of the Masons and £3.17 from Hazel Hughes.

A further £30.15 was handed over by people at the Beacon Centre.

The total collected for SURE last week was £653.32, meaning £690,827.65 has been raised for the charity since it linked up with the Gazette.