THANKS to everyone who's contacted us.

It appears the pilots were so co-ordinated that we didn't realise there were actually ten planes flown in two groups of five.

Here's what some of you have been saying on Facebook:

  • Katie Campbell: "We didn't hear a thing waiting for the bus in wellsprings."
  • Becki 'Tubbs' Kent: It was 10 in total - 2 teams of five. Flew straight past us as we were sat in Coal Orchard garden just after 12pm. Great to see!"
  • Amanda Ella: "Scared the life out of me, but didn't see them."
  • Susan Wilson: "Yes 🙂 we've just seen them fly over our garden."
  • Angie Hogan: "Awesome."

*PEOPLE across Taunton have just been disturbed by two noisy aircraft flying low over the town.

We've got reports coming in that they were planes from the Red Arrows display team.

They distrubed the calm of the town shortly after midday today (Friday).

If you were quick enough on the draw to get a photo, we'd appreciate your sending it in to us.