TAUNTON Flower Show, the oldest flower show in the UK, having been established since 1851, is having to look for a new site as Taunton Deane Borough Council is making the hire of Vivary Park unsustainable for them.

The council needs to re-think imposing these new charges, as to how important income is versus community spirit and vitality for Taunton.

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Many councils are having to look for alternative means for income, some are proposing to charge running groups for the use of their parks. 

However, this is so detrimental to the heart of a community, just when towns are trying to bring people back into them, such as creating the ambient green space by the Castle Hotel and Museum (having disposed of the fee-paying car park).

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Taunton is incredibly lucky to have the annual flower show, which fortunately has not outgrown its venue in the beautiful Vivary Park

As well as being an event the town can be proud of, it brings business with the use of the convenient transport facilities, shopping at its gates and incentives such as a free coffee at Hatcher’s with the ticket. 

I ask the council to think again about their decision and perhaps give special dispensation to Taunton Flower Show.

Holcombe Rogus