TWO RACCOONS are thought to be on the loose in Somerset.

Chris Moiser, director at Tropiquaria near Watchet said he believed the two raccoons, Rocky and Bowser, said the evidence suggested the animals had been released deliberately by trespassers.

The raccoons escaped some time between 8.30pm on Monday, August 28 and 6am the following morning.

"We are really missing them and we are desperate to get them back," Mr Moiser said.

"The way the cage was broken suggests someone breaking in from the outside as opposed to the raccoons escaping of their own volition."

He said that if anyone spots Rocky or Bowser, they should ring Tropiquaria on 07751 363198.

"Do not try and grab them because they will bite," Mr Moiser said. "But if you get the chance to lock one in a room or outhouse and ring us, we will come out immediately to collect them."

If any one has any information about the raccoons escaping, ring Avon and Somerset Police on 101 and quote the crime reference number 5217/7197290.