A HOARD of 3,339 Roman coins dug up in a recreation ground by a bulldozer is going on permanent display at Taunton's Museum of Somerset.

The 3,335 silver coins and four bronze ones dating from the second and third centuries AD were bought by the South West Heritage Trust for £27,000 thanks to several grants and South Somerset District Council waiving its right to half the price.

The treasure, discovered in Yeovil in March 2013 by Mark Copsey, lay on the edge of a previously unrecognised Romano-British settlement The coins show the portraits of 40 emperors and empresses and the designs include a series of exotic animals such as elephants, hippos and lions produced in 248AD to mark the 1,000th anniversary of the founding of Rome.

Stephen Minnitt, head of museums at South West Heritage Trust, said: "Somerset has gained a reputation for the exceptional number of Roman coin hoards discovered in the county - these include the well-known Shapwick and Frome hoards.

"We are delighted that, thanks to the support of our funders and the district council, we have also been able to secure the Yeovil Hoard for the county."