A PRIMARY school on the outskirts of Taunton has been placed into 'special measures' after receiving an Inadequate Ofsted rating.

Hatch Beauchamp Primary School was inspected at the beginning of October, just four weeks after new headteacher Helen Woodhams started.

The school was given the lowest rating in all four areas of the inspection.

The report highlighted issues such as the school's website not complying with guidelines, and that absence rates for all pupils is consistently high.

Inspection Jonathan Dyer said: "Leaders have not ensured that all of the school’s safeguarding policies, procedures and practices are carried out in line with statutory guidance. Staff do not demonstrate a robust and determined approach to ensuring that all children are kept safe.

"Pupils’ outcomes are inadequate. Weaknesses in the quality of teaching, learning and assessment have led to pupils underachieving considerably over time.

"Until recently, leaders have not had a secure understanding of performance in the school. They have not identified, challenged or remedied pupils’ underachievement and weaknesses in the quality of teaching, learning and assessment with any sense of urgency.

"The school’s website is not compliant with statutory guidance.

"Leaders have not updated the school’s curriculum so that it meets the requirements of the national curriculum. Teaching in a range of subjects does not meet the needs of pupils or prepare them for the next stage in their education.

"Teachers have weaknesses in their subject knowledge and do not have high enough expectations of what pupils are capable of achieving. Teachers’ assessment information about pupils’ outcomes is inaccurate.

"Absence rates for all pupils have been consistently high and remain above the national average. Leaders have not dealt with persistent absence with sufficient rigour.

"In lessons where work is not sufficiently matched to pupils’ needs, some pupils become disengaged and lose concentration."

The report also highlighted the following strengths:

• That current leaders and governors have a "secure understanding" of the school's vulnerabilities

• Pupils are positive about their school and feel happy and safe

• Parents are positive about the new leadership at the school

Headteacher, Helen Woodhams, said: "Since joining the school in September I have been extremely well supported by the parents and governors.

"It is obviously extremely disappointing for any school to receive an inadequate judgement. However, the school has had a challenging time and this has been reflected in the Inspector’s judgements.

"My appointment, a strong governing body and the support provided by The Redstart Learning Partnership are now providing a period of stability for the school.

"Together we have already put in place processes and procedures which are making an immediate impact on the education our pupils receive and OFSTED make reference to this in the report.

"I am confident that the school will rapidly improve. I would like to thank parents and the local community for their continued support of me and the school."

Suzanne Flack, CEO of Redstart Learning, said: "The Redstart Learning Partnership has a strong track record of improving schools in challenging circumstances and we look forward to working closely with the school to secure rapid improvements.

"We welcomed the opportunity to work with Hatch Beauchamp School and I can confirm that we are committed to continue working with the school to ensure it thrives and achieves an excellent standard of education for all pupils."