A TODDLER group has been banned from a church hall in Taunton - because their yoga lessons were deemed unchristian.

Teacher Louise Woodcock was told her Yum Yum Yoga classes for pre-school children would affect their spiritual life in a way the church disagreed with.

Miss Woodcock said the claims were ridiculous because her classes simply involve music, movement and rhymes.

She was also turned away by another church and told it was unlikely any Christian organisation would accommodate her.

"At Silver Street Baptist Church, I said I wanted to book the hall for a children's activity group, which they said was alright," said Miss Woodcock, of Waterleaze, Taunton.

"But when I specified yoga for children up to four, they suddenly told me I couldn't use the hall.

"It's crazy because we're talking about kids pretending to be animals and doing exercise routines to rhymes - there is nothing that could damage their minds in any shape or form."

She added: "Some adult classes might do meditation, teaching people to clear their minds and relax.

"I see nothing wrong with that, but I don't teach youngsters anything like that."

Silver Street minister the Rev Simon Farrar said some toddler groups used the church hall.

But he added: "We are a Christian organisaton and when we let rooms to people, we want them to understand that they must be fully in line with our Christian ethos.

"Clearly yoga impinges on the spiritual life of people in a way which we as Christians don't believe is the same as our ethos.

"If it was just a group of children singing nursery rhymes, there wouldn't be a problem.

"But, she's called it yoga and therefore there is a dividing line we're not prepared to cross."

*Miss Woodcock is offering free yoga trial classes at Cheddon Fitzpaine village hall on Saturday from 10-11am for walkers to aged two and from 11am-12noon for two to four-years olds.

*What do you think - should churches ban children's yoga classes? Are yoga and Christianity incompatible? Leave your comments below.