A DEVON-based paranormal team will be targeting several locations in Torrington on the anniversary of one of the most prominent Civil War battles in the South-West.

On the evening of February 16, 1646, a parliamentarian army led by General Fairfax took Torrington from royalist control.

In addition to the deaths from the initial skirmish, many parliamentarian and royalist soldiers where killed when a stray spark ignited 80 barrels of gunpowder that had been stored in the local church.

Byron Jackson, who will lead the Haunted Devon paranormal team around locations including The Cavalier Inn and The Black Horse, said: "We are delighted that the people of Torrington have allowed us to investigate at several key sites within the town on the anniversary of the battle.

"There have been some strange happenings in previous years and we hope that the anniversary may serve as a catalyst for paranormal activity."