TAUNTON'S famous symbols of Easter, the white crosses on the hill at Creechbarrow Hill, were blessed on Monday.

The crosses are on land within the UK Hydrographic Office compound.

Pictured at the crosses are Taunton Mayor and Mayoress Ken and Mary Hayward, Louise Grant, the Rev Len Schofield, the Rev Grace Aookeby, the Rev David Fayle, the Rev Sue Tucker and Chris Woodgate.

My name is Livvi Grant and as part of a take your child to work day, organised by my school, Queens College in Taunton, I was I was able to accompany my mum to work in the Mayor's office at Taunton Deane Borough Council for the day on Monday 17th March.

What a very interesting and busy place this is and as luck would have it, the Mayor and Mayoress were invited to the Blessing of the Easter Crosses at the UKHO (United Kingdom Hydrographic Office). I was privileged to be able accompany the Mayor and Mayoress of Taunton Deane Cllr Ken Hayward and Mrs Mary Hayward to the annual event and I want to share my experience with you.

Our visit to the Hydrographic Office started with a welcome cup of tea and a Danish pastry, probably to prepare us for a long walk up the incredibly steep and slightly muddy Admiralty Hill to the setting for the service of Blessing .

When the Mayor, Mayoress and I finally reached the top of the hill, slightly puffed out from our climb, I was amazed by the sheer size and impressiveness of the three white metal crosses. As I looked around me, I could see the whole of Taunton down below, but for some reason I couldn't take my eyes of the three white symbols of Jesus Christ as we approach this Easter time.

Like most other people who live in Taunton I have seen the white cross many times from the road below, but I never expected them to be quite so big and awesome. I felt so lucky to be on that hill, so close to the crosses and with such important people.

Then there was a short but moving service of prayers and readings and it made me think about the true meaning of Easter and that it isn't all about chocolate eggs, but about Jesus and how he gave his life for us all.

I think it is very important that we all remember Jesus at Easter and don't just get caught up in the commercial side of it. We all learn about Easter and its religious meaning at school, and taking part in this service, on a hill overlooking Taunton, made it all so much more important.

Being so close to the Easter crosses made me think about what Jesus sacrificed for us all and what it really means for us in our lives today.

The service was over all too quickly and after walking briskly back down the hill with the Mayor and Mayoress we were all treated to a lovely buffet lunch by our hosts.

My wish for Easter 2008 would be that all the citizens of Taunton Deane, whatever age they are, should think about the true meaning of Easter and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making my day at the Mayor's office and my visit to the UKHO a very special day that I will remember for a long time.

Livvi Grant, aged 13