WENDY the Windy Cow and Hattie the Hen are in Taunton on Thursday as part of a campaign against animal cruelty in farming and its contribution to climate change.

The Animal Aid visit – part of a nationwide tour during Vegan Month – aims to encourage people to adopt a diet “that is kinder to animals and the environment”.

Local activists will join Wendy and Hattie to hand out leaflets in North Street from noon.

Vegan Month co-ordinator Kelly Slade said: “Wendy and Hattie will bring an important message that you can eat ethically, healthily and be friendly to the environment without compromising on taste.

“Animals bred for their flesh, milk and eggs experience pain and suffering and animal farming is damaging the planet.

“Yet there is a world of delicious foods out there that don’t cost the earth or harm animals.”