THE image most people have of Parliament is Prime Minister's Questions, but it is not typical of the usual business.

I have spent much of this week in a committee debating the new Saving Gateway Accounts Bill.

This has cross-party support and does not sound very exciting, but it is a worthwhile proposal that has the potential to help thousands of Taunton Deane residents.

At the moment, for understandable reasons, very few people on low incomes save any money. But there are benefits to saving, even if the amounts are small.

It gives people a greater stake in society and an investment for the future.

More immediately, it provides a financial safety net if an unexpected event occurs like the boiler or fridge breaking down.

The Saving Gateway Accounts will provide a strong incentive to help low income people save. Up to £25 a month can be invested, for up to two years, with matching payments from the Government.

The hours spent in committee sessions are necessary to get all the details of the scheme right.

Unlike Prime Minister's Questions, the Saving Gateway Accounts Bill is unlikely to be on the television news, but it is a good initiative which should allow more people to increase their financial security and build up their own assets.