LERNER and Loewe material requires light and intelligent handling.

Monica Spalding (director), and the cast and crew from Wellington Operatic Society are to be congratulated on their magnificent rendition of this rags-to-riches classic, My Fair Lady.

The principals were superb. Geoff Redstone has the most beautifully modulated voice and wicked humorous glint, which qualifies him immediately to play the misogynist Higgins, self-styled expert in phonetics.

He was Higgins to the life, ably complemented by Des Atkinson as Pickering, whose larger-than-life presence and voice was hugely enjoyed.

Christina Green metamorphosed from “squashed cabbage leaf” to English Rose with ease and charm.

Her glorious voice soared to the Wellesley Theatre's ceiling.

Her pa, Alfred Doolittle, was lived (the word 'portrayed' doesn't do this performance justice) by Rob Norrington. A gravel-voiced, dodgy, plausible charmer, he captivated us all as his alter ego.

There were notable performances from Charles Dyke as Freddy Eynesford-Hill (his voice displayed to its maximum sweetness in On The Street Where You Live) Margaret Liddel as Mrs Pearce, dropping curtsies and reprimands with equal aplomb, and Alison Thomas as a humorous, straight-backed Mrs Higgins.

All were supported by a vibrant and enthusiastic chorus, and the choreography (Susan Green) was neat and effective. Complex scene changes were accomplished (generally) with speed and the band tackled the difficult score with energy, although I could have wished for more tuning and cohesion and less background chat at times.

This is an outstanding show. Fight for a ticket…It's at the Wellesley from today until Saturday at 7.30pm with a Saturday matinee at 2.30pm. Call 01823 663597 for tickets and information.