TAUNTON’S Dellers Wharf nightclub will be holding its final party night on Saturday – despite an application for a 24-hour closure order.

Police and Taunton Deane Council applied for the order at the town’s Magistrates Court today.

They said wording on the club’s website and an initial plan for a 50p drink promotion could encourage “reckless” drinking and they feared the night would end in trouble in the town.

Supt Trevor Margenout said: “We were concerned about how this event was going to run, the impact it was going to have on the town and the communities in the area.”

Licensing officer Julia Bradburm said: “Binge drinking is linked to crime and disorder and that’s one of the issues we have with this kind of drinks promotion.”

Chairman of the bench, Anthony Brown, said there was not “sufficient evidence” that the night would lead to serious disruption and refused the order.

Owner Dave Nurcombe assured the court they had changed wording on the website and plan to charge £1 a drink on the night as well as a £10 entry fee.

He said: “I am glad it is over and we can carry on with our plans.

“Dellers has been good to me and my family.

“I’m sad to see it close and I think it is sad it has ended like this.”

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