I HAVE just gone over 4,000 friends on Facebook.

'Friends' may be a slight exaggeration in some cases – but Facebook is an ideal way to communicate.

Politicians are sometimes regarded as being remote, so it is worth using many different ways to try and stay in touch.

Facebook is one way, and my website – www.tauntonlibdems.org.uk – is also updated frequently.

Other websites, like www.theyworkforyou.com, also provide lots of information about speeches and voting in Parliament.

I email a 'Monthly Update' with reports about my activities in Taunton Deane and in Westminster. This is available to anyone who wants to receive it (email office@tauntonlibdems.org.uk to be added to the mailing list) and this service is becoming more popular.

All of these communication methods are additional to the traditional techniques. I still send hundreds of letters each week, put leaflets through doors, visit local organisations and do media interviews. Newspapers like the Somerset County Gazette also reach thousands of residents and their websites are increasingly influential www.somersetcountygazette.co.uk I represent over 100,000 people, so it is a constant task to listen to a big range of opinions and also convey information about my activities.

It is probably impossible to please everyone all of the time, but my ambition is to make sure that I am a visible and accessible local MP for anyone who wants to contact me.