THE League Against Cruel Sport is selling off acres of its Exmoor land to fund a £1 million fight to save the Hunting Act.

The animal welfare charity, which campaigned to outlaw hare, stag and fox hunting is mounting the public education campaign to see off a repeal of the Hunting Act.

Douglas Batchelor, the league's chief executive, said: “We are absolutely focused and determined in our aim to ensure the Hunting Act remains.

“Our investment in this campaign recognises the massive public support and strength of feeling amongst our members and supporters that there must be no return to blood sports.

“We will not lie down and allow the views of a small minority to undo years of hard work in bringing about a ban.”

A league spokesman said the campaign will be financed by donations, cash reserves, and the sale of land stocks but they will retain sporting rights over the land to ensure hunting cannot take place on the land.

MPs are due to be given a free vote on whether or not the issue of repealing the Hunting Act should be raised and debated in parliament. If they decide to devote time to hunting a second free vote will take place after an autumn debate.

Country Side Alliance South West Regional Director Alison Hawes said: “This hasn't come as a surprise to us that they are having to raise cash and it seems to indicate they are not getting the support they need for the Hunting Act.

“If there was the support they would be a thriving organisation.”