A DISTRAUGHT family-of-four was told to pack up and leave Butlins holiday resort in Minehead due to fears they could cause a virus outbreak.

Butlins regulars Paul and Maria Mackey, both 39, were at the resort with Cameron, six, and Ewan, eight, but were told to head home to Birmingham just two days into their summer holiday.

The drama unfolded after Cameron started vomiting during the night after they arrived, which left him with a sore throat.

Paul and Maria took him to the medical centre where they say the nurse told them Cameron's throat was fine and that he had picked up a virus.

They agreed with a request to keep him in quarantine for 48 hours and contacted guest services to inform them of the situation.

Soon afterwards they were told to leave.

Paul said: “Our children were heartbroken.”

Maria added: “Butlins had no proof my son had anything contagious.

“It could have been something he had eaten, a migraine or too much sun.

“He's autistic and tends to be very sensitive to small things.

“We feel we were punished for being responsible guests by letting Butlins know about the upset stomach and we would have adhered to any quarantine rules.

“We were told they would refund the missed days as a goodwill gesture.”

A Butlins spokesman said: “Clearly we are upset their holiday was interrupted and we fully sympathise with the predicament they found themselves in.

“During the Mackey's holiday, we were responsible for almost 8,000 guests and staff.

“The symptoms displayed by their son, especially his regular bouts of vomiting, indicated to our experienced medical staff he was the victim of an airborne virus, many of which are highly contagious.

“Their considered decision was the family's well-being would be best served by returning home.”