A CALL has been made for measures to tackle speeders in a village near Taunton.

Jacky Ash, whose house fronts the A378 at Fivehead says the area is becoming a blackspot for accidents.

The main road is currently a 40mph zone but Jacky says more needs to be done.

“We are campaigning to get the speed limits reduced and traffic calming put in place as there have been four serious accidents along this stretch of road. Although a 40mph zone, cars are regularly travelling at speeds well in excess of this, particularly at night.

“It is an increasing danger not only to motorists but to residents pulling out of their drives.

“Electronic signs that show your speed as you approach would help slow people down.”

Malcolm Cavill, chairman of Fivehead Parish Council, said: “Speed on the top road is always of concern and we are regularly in touch with the highways department about it.”

A spokesman for Somerset County Council, which is responsible for highways, said: “Any road safety improvements would only be considered if there has been an increase in the number of accidents at a specific site. There are too few incidents recorded at this site to take any action.”