THE cast of the Regal Theatre's summer production is celebrating after the show's director gave birth right on cue.

Kirsty Allen gave birth to baby Noah on the only day off the cast of Beauty and The Beast has this week.

She was due to give birth the previous Thursday but instead went into labour in the early hours of Sunday.

Kirsty's partner Paul Yates, who plays Gaston in the show, said he was “overjoyed and relieved” and added: "We were a bit concerned that Noah might arrive during a performance of the show, meaning I would miss either the show or his birth.

“I secretly hoped he would arrive on Sunday - our only day off in the next week.

“The fact that he arrived right on cue shows that he was born to be involved in the theatre."

In a theatrical plot twist, the baby could not wait for his supporting role at Musgrove Park Hospital, and after just an hour and a half he made his first curtain call in the ambulance parked outside Kirsty's house in Minehead.

He was born weighing a healthy 8lb 8.5 ounces and after only one night off his mum is back at the Regal Theatre.

Paul added: "The cast have been really supportive throughout, and have even been running a sweepstake to guess the birth date."

Beauty and The Beast runs until August 27 and Kirsty and Noah will be making a few appearances behind the scenes along the way.