Torbay residents and businesses are being invited to have their say on multi-million improvement plans for Fleet Street.

The proposed works, totalling approximately £2.5million pounds, will be carried out over a five year period and include:

* reconstruction works to replace the current, 1989 designed, block paving surface

* removal of street clutter to provide more space for pedestrians

* creation of a two tone colour surface with tactile paving, to assist the blind or partially sighted. This will create a clear division between the road surface for buses and delivery vehicles and the area for pedestrians.

* improvements to waiting facilities, including shelters, for passengers waiting for public transport

* enhancements to the public realm of Fleet Street.

Cllr Robert Excell, said: "I am really excited about potential plans to revamp a very prominent area of Torquay used by many residents and visitors.

Fleet Street provides a vital link between the harbour and Union Street but the existing 1989 layout, including road surface, is very much out of date, unsuitable for the current mixed use of the street and has experienced flooding in the past. Proposed work includes adding raised pavements to help protect businesses from any flooding in the future.

"We really want to make sure that we get it right so have been working closely with the Torquay Town Centres BID team and are keen to hear the views of our local residents and businesses before any work starts in Autumn this year. We aim to complete the makeover over a five year period so that any work can be carried out in the quieter, winter periods and keep disruption to a minimum.

"A display, showing the proposed works, will be available towards the end of April in Fleet Street. Further details will be made available during April but in the meantime I would encourage as many people as possible to start thinking about possibilities for the area."