A NEW sign directing motorists to Minehead Community Hospital has finally been erected by health chiefs, prompting the removal of a businessman's unofficial banner.

Hotelier Bryan Leaker put his own sign up after becoming exasperated by the inaction of NHS Somerset to do so themselves more than 15 months after the hospital opened.

West Somerset Council has now removed Mr Leaker's banner, which he spent £200 of his own money on, as it had been put on council land without planning permission.

A larger roadside directional sign has been put up by NHS Somerset with the approval of the county Highways Department.

Mr Leaker said: “I am much happier with this sign - people can read it now. But I am disappointed that the NHS didn't even write to me and recognise what I had done. I treated it as a community project.

“I think by putting the sign up so quickly after I put mine up, it shows that they were in the wrong.

“I am just pleased the sign is there now - they are definitely signposting better now, but it shouldn't have taken this long.

“I am still worried about sat nav systems and signs sending drivers to the old site in the town centre and the fact that there is nothing on the old site to redirect people to the new hospital.”

Minehead hospital sign update WSCG27 - The new sign erected by NHS Somerset on Seaward Way opposite the entrance to Minehead Community Hospital.