MEET Wayne Goss. He is a 39-year-old make-up artist who was born in Bridgwater and brought up in Burnham and Highbridge by foster parents.

When Wayne was in his late 20's he started a YouTube channel posting videos of make-up tutorials, and now ten years later, he is a digital sensation, with more than three million people following his videos - 80 per cent of whom are based in the US.

Wayne says his interest in make-up developed when he was in his early 20's. "I was suffering from acne and wanted to cover it up so no-one could see it, but I soon became fascinated about what you could do with make-up and the effects that could be created," Wayne says.

He kept his interest in make-up throughout his 20's but it was always a side interest, and when he was 29, and working as an inputter for the BBC in South Wales, he put out his first make-up tutorial online.

"YouTube was still a fairly small phenomenon compared to where it is now, there was no advertising and no money in it when I started the channel so I never thought it would lead to a career," Wayne said.

“It was fairly ropey to start with, I was filming on my webcam. I just wanted my channel to be precise and accessible. It would be a tutorial without and ramblings about my personal life.

"That is something I have stuck to and I try to keep most of my videos around three minutes long."

Wayne says he does not keep a close eye on the number of subscribers or views on each video, and says that he does not have a team, creating and uploading all his content himself.

"I believe the number of subscribers grew pretty steadily over the first few years, but the numbers really took off after I posted a video in 2012 about how to do your make-up like Kim Kardashian which got millions of views," Wayne says. And he's not wrong - the Kim Kardashian video has 11,000,000 views.

“I just presumed when it started my subscribers would predominantly be from the UK but that has not proved to be the case at all, 80 per cent of them are based in the USA."

Wayne has had experience with YouTube’s darker side though, saying he has received death threats and abuse in the comments on his videos.

“There must be something to do with being anonymous that makes people think they can type that way but I am glad to see new legislation is looking to get tougher on online abuse.”

Wayne is now based in Abergavenny in South Wales, but is frequently back seeing family and friends in Burnham, Highbridge and Bridgwater.

Wayne has developed his own brand of make-up brushes which are sold online through www.beautylishcom. “There is a certain lifespan to the sort of thing I do. I don’t believe to many people will want to watch me in 10 years time, a 50-year-old man doing make-up. So the products are what I will concentrate on once I finish my YouTube channel," Wayne said.