A PRE-SCHOOL near Wellington may be forced to close its doors if new members of the team don’t come forward.

Stawley Pre-School for Under Fives, Appley, is in need of new members to take on responsibilities within its committee or it will not be able to continue running.

The pre-school is a committee-run charity that is dependent on volunteers and the support of the community. Members will be stepping down leaving gaps that need to be filled to ensure the smooth running of the preschool.

A spokesman said: “Each year we have been able to elect a number of parents onto the committee although this is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

“This year a number of committee members will be stepping down and if we are unable to fill the positions the preschool be forced to close.

“We are looking for new volunteers to support us by taking on roles including overseeing the running of the pre-school and maintaining the outside play area.”

Positions that need filling are: a chairperson, a treasurer, a pre-school rep, someone to handle maintenance of the outside play area, and someone to develop a marketing strategy.

The pre-school was rated as “outstanding” in its latest Ofsted inspection in June.

The inspectors praised the pre-schools management and rated it “outstanding” in all areas.

Inspector Julie Neal said: “Management shows drive and commitment to achieving high-quality outcomes for children.

“The management committee values the skills of the manager and staff highly and they support their ongoing professional development extremely well.”

The staff members are hoping new committee members will come forward so they can continue running the pre-school to its high standard.

Contact Philippa Reader on chair@stawleyunder5s.co.uk.