A WELLINGTON charity is taking part in a design competition at Taunton Flower Show.

Reminiscence Learning, a dementia charity, is putting up a display to take part in the Designer Garden competition at the show.

The aim is to show people how gardens can be used to trigger memories for people with dementia.

Gardens such as the one the team will be bringing to the show, designed by Ruth Conley, are part of the charity's Archie Project, which links primary schools, care homes, sheltered housing schemes, businesses, services and community members with the goal of reducing fear and stigma that can be associated with dementia.

The Archie gardens in care homes provide a space for children and older people to work together.

Emma Green, manager of Reminiscence Learning, said: "We are creating a multi-sensory dementia-friendly, Archie themed garden, similar to the gardens that are sometimes created in care homes school that we work with on the Archie Project.

"This provides an invaluable outside environment for the children and residents to engage in meaningful activities – this could be sowing seeds, planting out, weeding, harvesting, tasting produce or just simply chatting and enjoying each others company in a relaxed outside space.

"We are so excited to have the opportunity to create an Archie themed dementia friendly garden and so lucky to have Ruth on board to design the garden and guide us through the creation. 

"We know from our work with the Archie project that gardening is a fabulous intergenerational activity that can be adapted to suit all levels of ability with opportunities for passive and active engagement and are thrilled to be able to replicate this environment within the flower show. 

"Archie himself will be at the garden throughout the show so please do come to Grand Avenue to see our garden and find out more about Reminiscence Learning and the work that we do."

The charity will be up against five other gardens in the competition.

The competition includes Fon Cosens, from Blagdon Hill, Taunton, with the 'Good Like 2020' garden, and Sally Leaney Garden Design, Heale Farm, Corfe, with the Victorian Show Garden 1851.

The winner will be announced at 11am on Friday, August 4.

Judges Ro Fitzgerald, Toby Buckland, and Sally Gregson will be selecting who will win the Western Daily Press Cup award.