PLANS to change the way Wellington celebrates Christmas are in action.

Town councillors discussed at a meeting on Monday night (September 4) a new plan that will see the Christmas lights improved.

A new idea was pitched to the council by West Buckland company The Festive Lighting Co. to have the council rent the lights.

Festive Lighting would store, maintain, and deliver the lights over a three-year contract for the price of £5,309.

Last year, the council spent £15,660 to the Deane DLO to put up the display, remove the display, and provide staff for the switch-on event. A further £1,680 was spent by the council to store the lights.

The overall price for this year is currently unknown, as the council hoped the Deane DLO price would be reduced without the need for some services.

Renting the lights would eliminate the need to pay for storage and any risk of a pricey lump-sum to replace the lights if they were ever faulty.

All councillors bar one were in support of the option.

Cllr Marcus Barr expressed concerns that the Wellington tax payer could end up playing £20k for the lights, around £3k more than they paid last year. He voted against the proposal.

Others said that agreeing to the idea showed commitment to the town.

Cllr Janet Reed said: "I think it's a darn good idea.

"It shows a commitment to the town."

Cllr Andy Govier said that it was a cost-effective plan.

"We wouldn't be paying out to replace old lights.

"With a suitable reduction from the DLO it would be very cost-effective."

Cllr Ross Henley praised the town for its tradition of embracing Christmas lights around the town.