RED FLAGS have been waved at Wellington Community Hospital as figures revealed it was understaffed more than 50 times in two months.

The hospital, based in Bulford, has eleven beds.

Figures from Somerset County Council’s scrutiny for policies, adults and health committee revealed that during June and July a ‘red flag’ was issued 63 times, nearly triple the amount issued for any other community hospital in Somerset.

The ‘red flag’ means that only one registered nurse was on-duty per shift, when requirements say there should be at least two.

The hospital with the second-highest amount was Minehead which had 26 red flags issued.

A spokesman for Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said: “The requirement is that every ward should have at least two registered nurses on duty for each shift.

“In terms of staffing at Wellington, historically, due to the close proximity of Musgrove Park Hospital and the small inpatient numbers, Wellington Hospital has only had one registered nurse on duty overnight.

“This position is changing to ensure that all wards meet the requirement of two registered nurses on duty at all times.”