THE DEAD swan found in Wellington that was thought to be the male has turned out to be the female.

The town has said an emotional goodbye to a swan that was calling The Basins Nature Reserve home.

The female swan was found dead in the water on Thursday night (Nov 2) and taken to town councillor Bob Bowrah.

The news sparked emotional goodbyes from residents on social media.

It isn’t known how or why the bird died as it is believed there was no obvious signs of physical damage.

The Penn and Cobb have four cygnets.

Cllr Bowrah said: “RSPCA, West Hatch and DEFRA to determine what action to take.

“The history of the swan, which turned out to be the Penn, was that it was ringed in July 2011 at Abbotsbury and was recorded as a two-year-old.

“I requested that DEFRA does an autopsy and I will let everyone know the results.”