A PROJECT to brighten the day of people with dementia and others approaching the end of their life has been made possible by Gannett Foundation cash.

Reminiscence Learning, at the Horizon Centre, Bathpool, will set up a project called Please Do Not Forget About Me thanks to a grant of £8,504.

The project, involving everything from new computer equipment and projectors to pompoms and feathers, will be for people with middle to late stage dementia, and those at the end of their life.

The charity’s chief executive, Fiona Mahoney, said: “People in the later stages of dementia are often forgotten as there’s a feeling that nothing can be done for them, but it’s probably one of the most important stages of a person’s life.

“With Please Do Not Forget About Me training and the back-up of a handbook we can teach skills and knowledge for activities at all stages of dementia.

“The benefits aren’t just for the person with dementia, but for the carer or family.

“It was exciting to hear the news of the grant – we’re thrilled as it gives us an opportunity to move into an area we haven’t touched on properly because we haven’t been able to afford it.

The charity specialises in delivering training for health care professionals, individuals and volunteers, mainly in Somerset, and offers Activity Angels and Fitness Fairies who visit care homes, as well as running the Creative Activity Therapy Award qualification.