PARISH councillors have called for dog owners to clean up their act after a child was covered in dog faeces during a game of football in the park.

The grandfather of the boy, who wishes to keep his family's name private, brought up his concerns at Stoke St Gregory parish council meeting this week.

Parish council chairman Heather Venn said the dog fouling in the village is horrendous.

She added: “The boy was playing football with friends but ended up with dog faeces in his hair and was covered in it.

“It can blind children but people do not realise it can also cause early abortion in cattle so whether it is on the footpath, on the fields or on the road people need to clear up after their dogs.

“It is happening across the village and it is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.”

Councillors warned that if dog owners continue to leave their dog mess on the playing field they will look at banning dogs from the field all together.